Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Smile with Monstercakes

I Smile remembering my fun out with these lovely ladies - eating a FAB dinner and seeing Wicked
 I smile at my walk on the Greenway - the colors are so pretty
 This is my favorite part of the Greenway with all that green - I imagine as I walk buy that there are little fairy houses inside the green and this is the village - I long to run inside and have some tea
 Do you see the fairy houses?
 See the openings for the doorways? This would have  been a perfect playing place for me a child
 This part of the Greenway is by the water - I imagine my ancestors the Native Indians with their Tee pees along the bank with a fire and children running around playing
 This is bittersweet for me - while I love the modern technologies - this is a reminder of the intrusiveness on nature for my comfort
 Tee pee and Native Indians -
The leaves floating in the water are soothing to me as well

May your week bring lots of imagination and childlike pleasures and smiles :)

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  1. Your imagination visualizing people and animals using nature as homes is great! I remember as a child playing in the woods by the creek and finding a spot by a tree that I was sure fairies made their home. Too bad all the power lines have to march through our beautiful woods but you're right, they are a necessity for our comfort.