Monday, November 14, 2011

Sorry for Myself

Very proud of this outfit. My grandmother gave me this suit 3 years ago - too small and told me it was something to work towards - well...... I can FINALLY wear it - size 12 :) I just hope for Christmas she doesn't buy me size 6 - I'm more of an instant gratification girl :) Was a quiet weekend of staying  home and got my house put together looks so different a little cleaner. HA! Do you ever think about how your life turned out and have a slight twinge of disappointment? Today is one of those days that I could so easily wallow and feel sorry for myself and my lists of disappointments could go on and on and on. A sample of that list would include: I have a small, modestly furnished home, drive a mediocre car, empty bank account, disappointments with my job level, education level, and don't get me started on my non-Playboy-bunny body :) however, when I review the list, it's all pretty immaterial in the scheme of things. For the most part, I'm pretty content, I love my little house and all of this was brought on by taking a peek at the profile of an acquaintance on FaceBook whose appearance is what I would have liked to have had, she has a big fine home, and so on..... and for a moment I felt inadequate but then I remembered that God has a plan and life for all of us. I am still trying to understand my plan; however, I'm not uncomfortable, my home is small and cozy and little by little fixing it up but most of all it's mine, deed only has my name and can only be taken away away from me if I don't make the payments :) I have led a pretty charmed life and have a great relationship with my children and there certainly are people in a lot worse shape than me. Do you ever have moments that you compare yourself and you feel you come up short? How do you handle it?

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  1. I confess I am guilty of doing the "compare" game - FBook does not help.
    It is only normal.
    Well, I can only say that most things are not as they appear and also that nothing and nobody is perfect.
    Also money does not bring immediate happiness.