Monday, November 7, 2011

Landing on my Feet

Still braving these pants :)

Flower necklace to match my flower blouse
Friday was an interesting day of extremely lows and extremely highs, half of the day was spent in tears and the other half was spent with huge smiles and in awe. The highs were spent going to dinner with some good friends and seeing the show Wicked. O-M-G Wicked was absolutley WONDERFUL!! I must quote Glenda the Good Witch to describe the first half of my day, "OH MY I didn't get my way - I must go lie down" :) of course I'm making light of the first half but  I have to do something to come to terms with what I believe to be a horrible and traumatic experience and I am thinking of ways to remedy my situation as there is one thing that I know for sure - I always land on my feet and should I fall, I never count it because I get back up. The weather was gorgeous for my walk on Saturday but I hav eaten like you would not believe - so much that I made myself sick. AHHH I seem to have be emotional eating and I thought I had that under control -- but I have pulled myself together and back on track again.Thanks to Wicked, the Greenway, and great friends that spent time with on Friday and Saturday. Got some really cool stuff from UpperCaseLiving :) I can't tell you everything because I know Shelley reads my blog and Santa made me promise not tell her :P What do you do to deal with situations that are horrid to you? May you have week of extremely highs but if not if you do not land on your feet, get back up quickly, do a quick SWOTT analysis and set your action plan in motion....

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