Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lady of Leisure - Right

Isn't this shirt the coolest thing? I got this for my birthday one year from my brother Jeff. I paired this with my cool gray cords scored from Target. I am now in desperate need of a pair of chocolate cords :) Kristine and I are going to Ross's on Friday so perhaps the Cord Fairy will make them available to me :) I have been very much at peace this week. I don't know if was getting to walk the Greenway both Friday and Saturday or the change over of the house that has settled me down. Well....like my grandma always says, "Never look a gift horse in the mouth" or something like that LOL I only have to through 3 weeks of work and then I am on a week long stay-cation - I am looking forward to that. I really enjoyed the four days off during this holiday. I could also in a great mood as the scale is moving or perhaps a combo of all or maybe the stars are just aligned right. Do you have your Christmas decorations up?

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