Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bell Curve vs Super Star

I remembered something today that actually is a soothing thought to me in light of my current situation. Statistics and the Bell Curve. The Bell Curve is defined by Investopedia (n. d.) as, "The highest point in the curve, or the top of the bell, represents the most probable event. All possible occurrences are equally distributed around the most probable event, which creates a downward-sloping line on each side of the peak" (para 1). The bell curve to me represents my life or performance which is currently somewhere in the middle of the curve which is actually not a bad thing. The way I see it (Stacey Logic), the numbers on the left represent negative performance - don't want to be there - the numbers on the right represent extremely high performance - most desired position; however, that position is hard to maintain consistently but if I am performing in the middle at the bell curve that means that I'm consistent and the backbone of the goal not the "super star" because after all consistent performance keeps everything afloat. How do you feel you are doing? Are you the Super Star, Bell Curve, or low performer?

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