Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Smile with MonsterCakes

Dawn from my Bible Study made these cheesecake bites with Whip Cream and sent the left overs home with me = SMILE

Lack of leaves are revealing more water to walk by - I smile remembering that even though it felt like a dreary fall day
I felt  much needed peace

Look up in the tree - there is a bird's nest still there
I was trying to capture the herd of does that were running in the back but was not quick enough
the  nest brings an unexpected smile to this one

I Smile because looking at this picture reminds me of the soft sound of the water flowing as I walk over the little bridge

I Smile because Mr Man is there to take care of me and my car - replacing the headlight
required him to practically take it all apart - even though he grumbled at the design
he really didn't mind :)

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