Friday, March 1, 2013

In Like A Bandit

Hello March 1 - coming in like a bandit (okay it should be lion but a great way to segue into my bandit scarf) :)

I felt pretty spiffy in this little ensemble - I do adore the bandit scarf look - it makes me feel like Lovey on Gilligan's Island. Hayyyyyy, did I just date myself? This is my final weekend for doing school work - I am so excited. I did apply to the UOP for an online teaching gig and I talked to my brother's girlfriend today and she is going to see if they have anything open where she is teaching. That would awesome!! I have to say I am really impressed with her and not just because she said she would help. She is a accomplished and able to achieve things that seem so out of reach. A real go-getter and a "helper", she helps so many people and has soooo much on her plate - yet she is cool as a cucumber - laid back - everything I'm not :) My brother told me when he first started dating her that we had alot in common. We have some of the same goals but I must confess I think she is ALOT smarter and strategic than me. My brother is the happiest that I have ever seen him in his life - and he is building himself a life because she encourages him and provides guidance on getting things done but not in a condescending, "I'm better than you, let me teach you the right way to live" but just kinda,  "Well you could do this and here is how I would do it or you could do that and here is I would do that." I guess that is her signature :)

We are supposed to get some snow here in TN and the weekend is going to be cold - looking forward to snuggling in my chair with my blankie and hot chai tea. Have a great weekend!!

PS I did score at Marshall's and found me an Easter outfit - I'll share with you on Wednesday Smile :)

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  1. Teaching! yay !
    I will get to that in a few years.
    and i totally remember watching Gilligan{s Island reruns..