Friday, February 25, 2011

Friend Fashion Friday

I have been having so much fun taking pictures of my friends that I have started to get bolder about asking for pictures. I have decided that Friday's will be dedicated to all my fashionable friends. I am extremely lucky to be surrounded by such inspiration on a daily basis. I can't wait to share with you some of the other sophisticated women I see daily. Keep your fingers crossed that I will keep the nerve to keep asking for pictures of them. So, Friday is officially my new weekly blog "Friend Fashion Friday". This is also a wonderful way to bring the women together to show appreciation and let them know how fabulous they really are, also for me to learn from them while I work on my "put-together-classy"/"boho" look :)
Today's Feature (no particular order): Mary Anne, Carrie, Kristine, and Rhonda Thank you soo much ladies for letting me take and post your pictures :) Hats off to all!!!

Mary Anne always looks so put together,
She has a great fashion sense and is a trendsetter not to mention beautiful
I love the way this blouse ties at the top
I cut her boots off (still working on picture taking skills)
but they are below

Mary Anne's boots - they have a bow on them

Here is cuttie pie Carrie she is making me really like the belt look
I really like the pants as well

Those shoes are one of the pairs from the roadside seller
$5 unbelievable

Carrie is sooo FUN!!

Here is a better pic of Carrie's Fab Find for $5
She makes me wanna hide my feeties hers are so well taken care of :)
Kristine is NOT allowed to comment on that :P

So this is my Tn pride outfit - orange is one of the my FAVORITE color
Blouse - JCPenney's
Vest - yardsale
Capris - JcPenny (I went out of my comfort level to put the pinstripe with it)
Shoes - Monroe & Main

Whatcha think about the pinstripes? mmmmm?
Should I have just stayed with black?

It has been a rainy yucky day, so Kristine would only allow me to take her accessories
Aren't those earrings gorgeous?  She also makes wearing scarves seem so effortless

Rhonda is another classy, trendy, and some of her outfits are down right FUN
She is not only beautiful on the outside but has the most awesome personality
She makes me laugh out loud :)
I LOVE the sparkling hose, I stopped her midstride to beg for a picture

Aren't these  the coolest? The pic doesn't do them justice GRRRR
They are sooooo awesome in person!!

Rhonda also has some of the best jewelry
These definitely added sparkle to match the hose

She swears I should try platform that I wouldn't walk like John Wayne
She flows effortlessly through the office
Do you see the bling bling? I AM SOOO THRILLED
What are your favorite combinations? This week I am adding the following to my want list: belts, cool hose/tights, try to walk in platform heels, beg Kristine to teach me to tie scarves :) These ladies are great inspiration to me. Are you surrounded by inspirational women?

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