Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunny Sunday

 Today is a gorgeous Sunday, around 57 degrees and SUNSHINE!! The sun puts me in such a good mood :) Today's 
Church attire - jacket -thrifted  (I don't know why I have my hands pulled in, the sleeves are not that long) this  jacket I will put either a black turtleneck or tee or today I put a pink t-shirt from ABC Distributing underneath. I like to wear t-shirts so when I get hot, which happens often, I can shed some heat, plus today when I get home from church I can keep the tee on and just put on my sweats :) The cargo slacks bought from Jessica London, I absolutely LOVE, (the side knee pocket is above, remember still perfecting my picture taking skills, ooops). The second that I love are the shoes, I purchased them at JcPenney and I wear them with jeans as well. Do you think that pointy toe shoes are out now? I really like those as well with jeans but haven't seen many women wearing  them lately. mmmmm

The pink turtle necklace was gift from Mr. Man it is really fun. Do you have any fun jewelry that you love and where did you get it?

I know you wondering about my dinner last night. It turned out really good, I think I made the mistake of not adding enough water as my dipping sauce was a tad salty, good though, and my end result didn't have as much sauce as Pioneer Woman's picture. Definitely gonna try it again.  <Sigh> fun stuff over now, I have to get to writing my paper that is due to tomorrow. Have a great rest of the day!!

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