Friday, February 18, 2011

Free Friday

Today is FREE from responsibilities, free from appointments, and free from commitments. I LOVE those rare days, it does not bother me one bit to not the leave the house. Funny how that is considering in my youth, my "tires never got cool burning up the roads" as my late grandfather would say. I am hoping to see plenty of sunshine and warm weather so I can sit in my swing and read my school assignments.

I have two swings that I like to sit in depending on the weather. When it is a little cool, I will sit on the patio swing, very pleasant when the sun is shining on you and the swing is very comfortable. The only drawback is the garage is right in front of you so you don't get much of view and it feels a little isolated. 

If it's a little warmer and especially in summer I sit in the back swing, under the shade trees. I can see cars going go by and have a lot to look at it, but still I have my privacy. The swing is not as comfy as the patio swing.
My son created this flower bed for me and he and I are talking about how to get a pond incorporated into it. I saw the neatest thing on HGTV, where they dug a little creek around the trees emptying in a pond, only problem is that for my yard, the pond would have to be on the side where I couldn't see it. I have faith my son will come up with an alternative idea. I also want to create a flag stone patio for the swing under the trees.  

View from Swing


The  slope requires pond to be in front which would not be seen from swing

I love sitting out there listening to all the birds, it brings me much peace and happiness. There is also plenty of entertainment from Heathen and a plastic bottle.

What are some of things you like to do on "Free Day"? 
Are you ready for good weather to get outside? Please share your outdoor pics :)


  1. Love your doggy! I love to sit and read a book with a good cup of coffee or tea on my free days. I also love hiking when it's not so cold out!

    And in answer to your question... When I say quality, I mean real leather or a brand that is nice enough to last me ages. I will drop between $100-$150 on a purse, but I ONLY buy one every 2-5 years. I seriously haven't bought a new purse in 4 years I think. And my favorite brand, B. Mkowski, is sold at my local TJMaxx, so I tend to get them half off. : ) I usually don't buy a purse unless it's from a discount store anyway, but I make sure it's a nice one. What about you?

  2. ps. I forgot to add that I don't shop very often, so I think it's nice to every once in a while spoil yourself on something if you're doing great in other areas. IE: I would never spend much on shirts or jewelry. Purses just tend to be my thing to drop cash on. And I NEVER buy something if it's out of my budget or I don't have the money (which explains why I haven't bought one in ages! haha). Have a good restful day! xo