Saturday, February 19, 2011

Well, the rain put a little damper in my sitting outside so I sat on the front porch and read a chapter of my assignment.  I like to sit here early in the morning as the sun comes up and shines here first and also a goo spot when it is raining. This glider is really comfy. After I read the chapter I decided to take a walk before the rain came in- part of my commitment to lose this weight.
 I took my camera with me while I walked and took pictures of things that caught my attention. I walked on my road and there is a stretch that on both sides are nothing but these peaceful rollling hills

Isn't that the biggest, ugliest bird?  There were two of them, one was poking it's head outside the window at the top looking at me, gave me the creeps. They were huge, {shoulders shuddering}!!!

I'm beginning to pant now, not sure if from being creeped out by the dinosaur birds or the walk, but.... I'm in the middle of last hill, when I get to the top I will be able to see my house and the couch

I made it, I'm coming around the corner and there is my couch, I mean my house. My knees aren't the greatest and I can't really walk long distances, I also stomp my feet when walking, the faster I walk, the harder I stomp, I have no clue why. I have an eliptical but love walking and looking at nature.

Do you prefer the treadmill? What is your favorite exercise? What exercise gives the you best results?
Pedometer said I walked 2.6 miles, after dinner I will do pilates.

 Speaking of dinner, remember I told you my daughter, Shelley, got me this Rachael Ray cookbook that I am going to try everything that I think I will like, well I had to skip recipe #1 since my broiler is out and went to recipe #2

Shepherd's Pie - I replaced ground turkey with ground beef, I know....I know....turkey is better for you but I prefer cow, big birds kinda creep me out after my walk J/K....

Turned out really YUMMY!!! I will make more mashed potatoes, next time. Thank you Shelley

I used fresh herbs for first time on this recipe. Do you think that fresh herbs really make a difference? Have a great weekend!! No big plans today,  school work and lounging :)

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  1. Hi Stacy
    I honestly hate exercise. However if I must, the choice is always go outdoors. It makes not sense why I would walk in a treadmill when I can just walk outside... plus it gets lonely and boring.
    BTW regarding my nails, the girl who did them for me did not use a template... she is really good so it was done on pulse.