Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finishing Touches

Duster Sweater - Dillards
Blouse - JcPenny
Pants - Cato
Shoes - Belk

I love this but don't have many outfits to put it with
Kristine did not really like this outfit
but it's a good one
wait til you see the shoes and ring further down

Carrie looking loving sauve
The belt gives it a polished look

I think the trick to that polished look that I soo desire to create has to do with the finishing touches. I don't know about y'all but sometimes the accessories a woman has on catches my attention about an outfit. I absolutely LOVE novelty or unique accessories. Interesting fact, I don't shop for those things for myself.....not sure why.
I have a dozen shoes, couple of scarves, and a handful of jewelry. As you soon see both Kristine and Carrie do very well in the finishing touches category. I bet they love the way I analyze them :) Kristine has that going on, she has the coolest jewelry that I am always coveting!! Carrie, is not only petite and sooo cute, she always has the neatest looking shoes. She is able to flow through the office effortlessly on 10" high heels like she is wearing flats (they might not be that tall but if I were to try to wear them they may as well be 10" tall, John Wayne walking on a tight rope, NOOOT PRETTY) :) I also see other women that make scarves the focus of the outfit, then there are the cool belts (don't own any) , brooches (do not own any), some women change out their rings to match their outfits (own one). Not to mention hair styles, hair accessories, and nail accessories.

My necklace - gift from friend Hollie
What about shoes? What are your most unique shoes? What must the shoe  say to you for you listen to the whisper that says, "buy me"? Will you buy a pair of shoes for just one outfit?
Most colorful shoes I own
Most unique shoes I own, love the dragonfly

Carrie's superb shoes - she has the neatest looking shoes
and she is so elegant in the way she flows through the office :)

What are your most unique or favorite finishing accessories? Have a great day!!
Purple earrings gift from friend - Taylor

Kristine's shoes are superlative!!! Love those colors
She said she can't wear them when it's raining due to the material

Kristine's outstanding owl ring - she has the coolest jewelry
The most unique necklace I own

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  1. Hi Stacy I like your color scheme today !
    My only suggestion would be that your pants weren't so lose.
    I also like how you are featuring your friends on Friday, it's a great idea :)
    Tell Kristine I really, really, really like her shoes :)