Thursday, February 17, 2011

Self Critical

The shoes I am wearing are Prada (IKR) that my grandmother and I found thrifting, they were in the glass for about $30. My grandmother watched them for a month and then on senior citizen half off day they bring them out of the glass and mark them way down and now I am the proud owner of them :). I am thrilled....I will be on the hunt for an Easter outfit to go with them, so let me know if you spot something that would look oh, so, right with them :)
The blouse - Sam's capris - JCPenny
necklace and earrings - gifts from Mr Man
the jacket - thrifting I REALLY like this jacket


I really enjoy reading the blogs that I follow so much that I was inspired and thought it would be fun to start a blog as well. I was right about it being fun but seeing the pictures of myself has made me more critical of my weight and appearance. The outfit today my stomach appears to be large in the middle and I'm wondering if my love for gouchos and capris may not be very figure flattering for my current body type. I wonder if the other bloggers become more critical of themselves or if this is an example of an area I should work on about myself. naaahhhh I need to lose weight so I am going to make a commitment today to follow WeightWatchers like I am supposed and not like I want to and get back to working out daily, I do plan to start seeing my personal trainer again in March. My goal is to lose 40 lbs and as soon as I figure out how to put a counter on here I will, my hopes are that if I'm accountable, perhaps my pride will kick in since I wouldn't want to make a fool of myself in front of yall  that I will accomplish this goal :) I will keep you posted.

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