Monday, February 28, 2011

Era of Choice

Whew, it's been a busy weekend. Saturday went to a baby shower for my new addition of my niece, Cortlynn to maker her appearance on March 9 and during the course met another fab dresser, Latoya that I wanted to go ahead and feature with my baby shower pictures. She looked striking in her ensemble.

As an empty nester,  a baby shower makes me reflect on my children and my life with them when they were younger.Funny thing is that BOTH of them say that I dressed them horribly. I think they were both dressed very cute but when they are looking at pictures they were dressed in what was in style at the time. For instance, all my childhood pictures as a baby and toddler and grade school, I am dressed for the 70's, which makes me chuckle every time I look at them, I guess that is the same reaction my "babies" (24 and 17)  have when viewing pictures of the past, but I suspect they will see those styles come back in their lifetime and wear them on their on accord :P

Cute jeans - wonder if my niece will look back at these and roll her eyes?

My niece is going to be sooo cute in these

With some cute little pink tights - can you say DIVA?

Wouldn't this be cute with some little UG Boots?

Ms Latoya - soo nice meeting her
This outfit has soo many good qualities
Love the patterns, colors, and boots
Wait til you see the accessories....

The accessories really added to the outfits - Love the bracelets
Look at the earrings below - matching AWESOME!!

I wish I had not cut off her eyeballs
so you could see how gorgeous she is
Back to fashion coming around, I was an 80's teenager, and no offense to other generations, but I think my generation dressed the best :) I am thrilled to see some of the styles coming back, I loved the bright, fun colors, big hair, and jewelry. I am not too fond of the leggings (most likely to do with my current body style). I also hated the jelly shoes (they freaking hurt)

  Another era that seems to have been hanging around is the 70's. I love the wide legs (very flattering to my body type) and tunics. I don't care too much for the heavy eye make-up of that era.

What era is your favorite? Are you blending other styles together? What do you hope NEVER comes back?

BTW - Red seemed to be the color for the Grammy's (POWER?) :) My favs were: Jennifer Hudson, Cate Blanchette, Scarlette Johansen, Halle Berry. Yours?

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  1. I think that before our parents dressed us up as kids, nowadays it's like parents dress kids like mini-women which I don't like that much.
    Children should dress as children - if that makes any sense :)
    BTW I really like all of Ms La Toya's accessories.... looking fab.