Thursday, February 10, 2011

Furniture Covers

Another snow day!!! It was a horrible ride home last night. Icy roads and white knuckles around the steering wheel but I won't bore you with more pics of the white stuff, pretty as it is, and I don't think you wanna see me in my pink fuzzy housecoat :) Sooooo we will discuss my second favorite topic, decorating :) New furniture is not in the budget and my mother has been raving about these furniture covers she purchased at Wal-Mart. Have any of you used them? I have seen them on HGTV and they look complicated to put on and I don't want the aggravation of having it slide underneath me when I sit down; however, my living room furniture could use some sprucing up with the way Heathen, my boxer, wallows all over them (as seen above with all his toys spread out). My wall colors are Valspar Allspice and I am thinking of chocolate covers, red covers, or sage green covers. I have green (not really my favorite color) splashed through as an accent colors and even thinking of painting the daughter's room which now houses my elliptical and a lonely bed, either Valspar Green Tealeaves or Field of Green. I switch out my comforters with the season and the colors are brown and orange. Please share your experiences with furniture covers and the best/worst ones to get. Poll: Furniture covers thumbs up or thumb down? Have a great day :)


  1. yes, i love furniture covers, looks like you have new, and so easy care just wipe with damp cloth, and dog hair so easy

  2. I have never used furniture covers.... however red sounds like a good choice.