Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Friend Fashion

Today I have guest appearances from two of my dearest girlfriends :) Say hello to Carrie and Kristine!!!
 I am hoping they visit us more :) They are both great inspirations to follow. I am also hoping to get more models here at work, we have some really sharp dressers around here.

Carrie's shoes that she found for $5 aren't they FAB?

This is Carrie, cute as a button.
This outfit is very flattering to her.
Hummm She might look powerful :)

This is gorgeous Kristine, I love this outfit.
The splash of color is fab
She said next time she will put a belt with it, she felt it look unfinished

Kristine looking FLY :)

I love this jewelry and she said she got them at Claire's
She better  hope they never fall off her
You'll be seeing me wearing  them :)

Kristine's boots ROCK - Screaming SEXY :)

This outfit is kinda hum-drum not my fav
Sweater - yard sale I love the birds on it
Blouse - JCPenny
Pants - Sam's (they are a little too big but I love them)
my fav distressed shoes from Belk

Aren't the birds the BEST?
Notice the three of us have different styles, which makes me wonder how do we learn to dress and develop our style? When I first entered into the work force I had no clue about fashion or how to dress. I come from a family of  women that while they don't dress badly, they aren't interested in the latest trends, preferring jeans and comfort, and fashion magazines did not lay around on the coffee table when I was growing up. So, I started studying other women on what I should and should not do. Between us, I have been trying to master the "put-together-classy" look but am also drawn to the boho look. 

I have always wondered if I am the only woman that looks or studies how other women are dressed? Not to judge them, but to see how they put stuff together and take away what I like to duplicate for myself? I rarely see an outfit that I think, What was she thinking? Has a complete stranger ever complimented on your outfit? I have complimented women, some are taken aback, but I swear I see them smile as they walk away. I know that when I have received compliments, it made my day :) I find it easier to compliment on clothing when shopping for clothes than just a casual encounter grocery shopping. One thing I try to keep in mind when looking for inspirations is my body type. I always think about how that outfit will fit on my "spoon", I tend to stay away from short skirts, well honestly, I wear few dresses or skirts anymore at all. (Complete opposite when I was a size 3, I always wore skirts as I thought pants swallowed me). SIZE 3.........SIGH......POUT......Where are my chocolates?! oops I digress, back on topic....

Do you watch for inspirations when out and about? Do you like to dress like others or prefer to create your own unique looks? Is it the outfit that sparked your attention or perhaps the way she carried herself? Do you think a confident woman can make an okay outfit a rock star? I find that when I feel good in an outfit, I portray that good feeling when I walk and my mood is much better than an outfit that I feel "fidgety". What are you thoughts on developing style? Did you learn from your mother, friends, or were you a trendsetter? I hope you will join me in trying to compliment other women on outfits that I/you like and maybe put a smile on their face :)


  1. I get inspiration from magazines and other bloggers.
    Mostly will try to replicate a look with what I have in my closet - sometimes that makes me realize that I am missing the "it" color. For example rust/cinammon color is one of this seasons colors and I realized I had nothing even close to it.. so I went out and found a cardigan in that color.
    I like the pops of colors in your friend`s outfits, you can add color to yours too !

  2. I always look at other women and most of the time admire and envy what they are wearing. I was just born without that gene that shows you how to pick out the cutest outfits! I get advice from Carrie above actually :) btw, LOVE this blog Stacey!