Thursday, August 4, 2011

I feel Sexy

Today was another awesome day.  I got really good news from my daughter, she got the promotion to Manager at McDonald's that she was hoping for. I am SO proud as if I were the one that got promoted. I tell you, feelings for your children are hard to describe. I am still amazed at the emotions that she can invoke in me, and she and her brother are the only ones that can really make me feel these. I was worried that my daughter would be disappointed today after  her meeting with her bosses, I was afraid her age would go against her, she is only 18, but her hard work paid off. She has been working there for a little over 2 years. She had applied at my job but she hasn't heard anything on it yet.

I also felt super sexy in my outfit - those shoes, those shoes. I have to confess though that while I LOVE them, I am still trying to learn to walk in them. Kimetra (the most well put together woman at our office who walks in 9 inch heels like that are flats) told me to walk on my toes. The problem is that these are platforms so it feels like a ball is under my toes so I feel really unstable and the shoe scrunches up my toes so I can't spread them to give me balance. So I probably don't look very graceful but I am DETERMINED to learn to walk in them    sashay in them :) I am not crazy about the tie on the duster so my friend Kristine, my ever so creative friend, told me she could change out the tie for a hook and eyelet and maybe have some neutral bead hanging done the front. That sounds AWESOME and I will be getting her some supplies to make this liked duster to a Stacey Loves Duster :) Have you taken something you liked and modified it to something you love?

Duster - Dillards
Burnt Velvet blouse - Dillards
Gouchos - Monroe & Main
Shoes - JCPenny

Those shoes!!

I feel sexy

Love this burnt velvet
Can't wait for Kristine to make the modifications to my duster

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  1. That is a great outfit! This is going to be a fun blog to read :) I decided a few years ago that my high heel days are over (unless I lose about 50 lbs). I used to sashay in heels all the time....You probably aren't old enough to remember the original Candies slide mules, but I used to wear those to work as an auto part delivery girl when I was 20! How embarrassing to think back on.

    Congrats to your daughter!!! That's a hug accomplishment at her age!!!!