Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sigh - Mod 60's

This link showed the fall trends for 2011 and that the Mod 60's style would be the trend this year. I am very excited about that. I found a few cool outfits that I would SO sport:
Here are a few of my favorites

Dots are supposed to be in - I noticed that socks with heels was also prevalent on the runway

I love this color

I love anything with a matching jacket - these colors are awesome

This screams my name - I LOVE THIS

This looks sweet to me, I like the bow tie shoes almost reminds me of a night gown

This is THE favorite - I love orange

Well I do like this but not for my body - maybe when I was in my 20s

Love them bright colored jackets
oh this is lil ole me
Friday work attire COMFY

What were your favorites? Do you like the Mod 60's? I will now be on the hunt for a Mod 60's haircut that I can do with my curly hair - with little or no effort :) Happy Monday!! Let me know what your favorite outfit is from the link.

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