Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Wish List

Love this poncho - you know I adore Orange
Poncho - Christopher Banks
capris - Jc Penny
much loved orange shoes - Monroe & Main

We made it boys and girls - it is FINALLY Friday. I am very pleased to have the weekend back again. Today I have lunch plans with my partner in crime, Kristine, we are hitting up Ross's - I am hoping to find neutral scarves - my new brainstorm  to wear in my hair at the end of my in between hair appointments to strategically hide the gray that does not take a hint and STAY AWAY :) I will also be looking for my ever coveted cork wedge heel that my partner in crime has the most fabulous different kinds - yes, she found more than one divine little cork wedge heel that I drool over every day - Good thing for her she doesn't wear my size or she might have been a victim of an "Office Shoe Bandit" I am also going to be looking for red pieces. I don't know why but I am drawn to outfits that I see in the office that have red splashes - a cute pair of red shoes would be FAB!! Then after hunting around at Ross we are going to hit up Publix  and get some Sushi for lunch - I am very excited about that. No, I'm not a foodie - <innocent look on my face>. So I am hoping the rain holds out until after my Sat morning walk - it is getting cooler at night so I am looking forward to the walk and I suppose I will be getting in high gear to get my assignments completed due on first night of class, Tuesday. I also received the best news yesterday that even though my daughter got married the new laws allow me to continue her insurance coverage until she is 26 - that was a HUGE relief to me. Do you have any big plans for this weekend?

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