Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sally Inspiration

Today's outfit is an inspiration from the Queen of Bloggers Sally  I love, love, love Sally. I combined the below two looks with one that I borrowed from my friend Kristine. I decided to put in a splash of orange in the navy - my orange shoes were too bright for the tank so I opted with the white. I feel so cute which puts me in the most fabulous mood. I need to start playing with my clothes more often and see what other inspiration outfits I can create. Have you been inspired lately from an outfit you saw and put something together that made you feel absolutely wonderful? Have a great day!!
I really enjoyed this post as I LOVE bright colors

This is my interpretation
Skirt - yard sale
Tank top - yard sale
Button blouse - yard sale
Shoes - yard sale

Got both necklaces at Kohls
I think they really added alot to the outfit

I think navy and orange look really good with each other

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