Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lady in Red with matching nose

I was feeling way too cute in my little red shoes, my latest skirt (that I must find pants like them in my price range), and the too cool scarf in the my hair that brought it all together. Even for a sick girl, truth be known the only reason I did not call out sick from work (which I NEVER do) was because I could not wait to wear the outfit I had put together. It was comfortable yet I felt put together. If I would not have had a paper to write I would have went home and went to bed but I finished my individual assignment and my learning team assignment. Especially since my 4 hour nap on Sunday had me wide awake at 2 am on Monday morning with the alarm scheduled to go off at 5:30 am <scrunch red nose> Going in late today for work as my poor daughter has to have her wisdom teeth pulled. I feel for her, biopsy on Friday and teeth pulling on Tuesday. I know she is hoping and praying, like me, that no other medical issues come up for her.

Scarf - grandma Salvation Army
blouse - Liz Claiborne JcPenny
skirt - Calvin Klein Ross's
fabulous red shoes - thrifted

I felt cute

Okay, so the off the scarf is doing a great job of covering the "off blonde"

Better pic of scarf it was perfect

Red shoes, now MY red shoes

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