Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dr Wasting My Time and Money

So both my daughter and I took time to go to Dr for her biopsy appt - so we thought - instead I pay a $35 co-pay for another Dr to come in and exam her - Really? how many Dr have to examine her, plus we have the ultrasound, so ANOTHER appt will be made to come back - another co-pay I am sure. My daughter is so exasperated and I have to say I was a little confused as well. I have sick time so I am getting paid but my daughter does not, so they are costing her money. I do not know why we had to go today and to top it off, we sat in the office for an over an hour. I started my new James Patterson book so it passed quickly but I have a job that I should have been at it, if that is all they were going to do. All I can do is keep shaking my head and thinking, "Really?!" But it wasn't all lost - I do enjoy spending time with my daughter
Waiting in the parking lot for the Dr office to open after lunch

Me and her messing around

Shirt tucked in

Liz Claiborne shirt - yard sale
Levi denim capris - Kohls
Mudd Gladiator Sandals - JcPenney

Shirt out - it looks better out
Of course I went to the Dr office with it tucked in :(

GRRR face :)

Happy Face :)
Didn't want to leave you with negative thoughts :) Do you think the economy is affecting how Dr offices are now conducting business? It seems to me that something has changed, there seem to be alot of pieces of the pie to me. What are your thoughts?

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