Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crazy or Ambitious

Blouse - yardsale
Trusty gouchos from Monroe & Main
Coral sandals - The Shoe Dept
Okay today I felt pretty cute but I still struggle with my little short fuse. My grandmother swears I am going through menopause that is why I am so evil. I seem to let one little thing upset my whole cart. I know BGN - but...... I have officially started my MBA program. Crazy or ambitious? Perhaps a little of both. I was very inspired when I got my BA in my little grubby paws. I wish I had done the traditional college, out of town, dorm, and out of high school. I instead chose to go another route - relying on my charm and good looks to get me by :P Just kidding! I am happy that we are half way through the week. I have resumed my work out and diet regime again with a fury. I need to shed 34 lbs and I would like to do it this year or at least by next summer at the latest. Crazy or ambitious? We shall see. I will say crazy if I don't make it and ambitious if I do. Fair enough? Yep Yep Are you embarking on anything that makes you ask yourself if you are crazy or ambitious? Have a great day!!

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