Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fun & Novelty

blouse and capris - JcPennys
Shoes - yardsale

My shoes were my favorite part of this outfit. I think the dragon flies are too cute and FUN. I tend to really like things that are unique or novel as Mr Man says :). I found these shoes at a yard sale and the woman I bought them from said she was very glad to see someone get them as she really enjoyed them. I love things with wings. I have a couple of fairy tattoos and I really want a hummingbird or dragonfly or both :) I adore watching my birds, the woodpecker is one of my absolute favorites in the winter time, of course the cardinal is on the top of list as well. A friend of mine that I have recently just found again turned me on to bird feeders and watching the birds. She bought me a bird feeder as graduation gift. My interest has really taken off. Hummingbirds and the yellow finches are my favorite in the summer. My son gave me a bird bath ( I rarely remember to put water in it these days) but there was water in it on one occasion and I had never seen a bird bathe and it was the neatest thing to see. Mr Man is opposed to a bird bath as "stagnant water brings mosquitoes" Blah blah blah Since Fall is around the corner, what are your favorite things about each season? What will you miss when summer is gone? What are you looking forward to when the season changes?

I also really love the peace frog :)

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