Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting into Routines

I was very tired yesterday, it was my first Wednesday after my first class. I was going to come home and work out and do this and do that.... I did nothing - all I really wanted to do was climb in bed as soon as I got there but managed to stay awake long enough to get laundry done. I do laundry every Wednesday and Sunday. I am an extremely routine kinda girl. I also change my sheets every weekend. Sometimes I am too structured and wear myself out so I have tried to start relaxing because life is too short and I believe you should get some type of enjoyment. Do you have any strict routines that you must follow?

Today is my Friday, have to be off from work on Friday to take my daughter for her biopsy. I'm pretty confident it will come back negative but must find out for sure.  Hope you have a fabulous day!!

I love the wings on this sleeve

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