Friday, August 19, 2011


This was a fun and cute outfit I put together. The scarf in my hair matched it perfectly. The pics do not really do the scarf justice at all. I love my House pins that my friend, Kristine, gave to me in honor of my real estate ambition. Me likey :)
Vest - yardsale
Pink Tee - ABC Distributing
Capris - JcPenny
Agner shoes - yard sale


Cute Cute
Glad it is Friday. I did not have to work today but had to be up early to take my daughter for her biopsy. I am hoping after the biopsy that she doesn't feel too badly and perhaps she and I can hang out together and have a fun day. I am still working on my time management skills for work and school. I really lose a day on Wednesday because I am so tired from the Tuesday night late class but I will get it worked out. I was taught that I could do whatever I set my head to and I will. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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  1. Those are some pretty and unique house pins !
    I took the exam to be a realtor and missed by about 5 points.