Thursday, October 27, 2011

Color combo

Button shirt - Chadwicks
Tank - yard sale
Capris - Kohls
Flats - yard sale
So this is jeans week, we get to wear jeans for buying an armband for Breast Cancer Awareness. I got this color inspiration blue and orange from Sally I love this combo and thanks to Sal I would have never thought of it before:

Another combo color that I am loving this season is Red and Pink, as a matter of fact if you want to read a really good article about color combo's check out She makes it look so easy uh? Are there any color combos you are drawn to? I'm still browns, oranges, and  yellows. The new thing for me this season is red, my newest prized possession the red flats :) I am on the hunt for the perfect red and pink outfit for myself :) What color combos do you love?


  1. Lately I've loved experimenting with fuchsia and army green. Very unexpected but fun. And thanks for the kind comment on my blog this week! It was a rough week remembering past things, and your comment literally brought tears to my eyes. I needed the encouragement, so thank you.

  2. I follow her too !
    She not only can create beautiful combinations but also write thought provoking posts.