Friday, October 7, 2011

Sock Monkey

I love the sock monkey and we had "hat day" at work so of course I HAD to wear the sock monkey hat. As I write this, I am soo upset that I am going to have to bore you with the details of an unpleasant encounter I just had. I'm heading to Bible Study and get off the interstate, the ramp has two lane, one goes straight, and the other goes to the right, I'm in the lane going right. As I get closer, this is 5:30 PM in rush hour, I see this vehicle that choose the straight lane but has positioned themselves to want to come to the right lane. I let them in but shake my head thinking that is an accident waiting to him. So they get up and it appears they are going to go so I turn my head to the left to see if I can go to and turn back and see they haven't gone anywhere. I have to slam on my brakes as I am almost hit them and I instinctly hit the horn. So they finally go and they are turning left at this intersection. The highway is divided and there is a little cut through to go so you have to cross over the two lanes and it's really busy. Well she seemed to not move and had plenty of chances, so I thought well she must be scared so I decided I would go if she wouldn't - got on the right side of her and she then went on - so I was like good we're moving. Well, we get across the two lanes and she stops in the middle of the road and the passenger jumps out - little bitty women around my age asking me if I had a problem I'm like yeah go, she then starts screaming at me and I can't really catch watch she is saying except "you're a bitch" several times. I am soooo embarrassed, cars lines up beside me and behind me. Well, I have decided she must have been teaching her child to drive as I never saw the driver but why was she teaching her to drive incorrectly - sitting in the median blocking two lanes. But... perhaps I shouldn't have honked my horn. I don't really upset me.

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