Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Hallloween

This from UpperCaseLiving - Blum collection - LOVE IT

UpperCaseLiving Blum Collection
Isn't this cool

Banana Bread makes the house smell so good

Great start for the weekend

Party Goers at Mason's 5 year old party
Lacey, Madison, Kortlynn, Cameron

my brother - I kept following him around with the camera LOL

The birthday boy  - Mason James
Those were the highlights of my weekend. I will share more on Wednesday Smiles with MonsterCake :) We don't get any trick or treaters and my children are grown so this is not a "holiday" that I really pay any attention to. The only thing I really like about Halloween is horror movies - I am a huge horror movie fan - the gorier the better - my brother tells me that Mason shares my love of horror movies :) Today is the last day of Oct and now the countdown begins for Christmas for me. Madison loved my wedge heel boots and said she would like a pair. I found her a pair at Kohls - I hope I can snag them - that would be the perfect gift for her :) What does the time change and November signify for you? Well.... I hope you have an eventful spooky Monday :)

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