Monday, October 17, 2011

New Adventure

The weekend was absolutely gorgeous in Tennessee. I was invited by a co-worker to go bicycle riding on Saturday.  I was so scared as I have not ridden a bicycle since I was a kid and she even supplied me with a bicycle. I had a BLAST, I was scared to death going downhill and I had to walk the bike uphill but I have decided I must get one and alternate my walking with cycling. I was huffing and puffing so I have not decided which gives me a better work out yet. Which do you think gives a better workout? Sunday I went to church and then my daughter and I went shopping for her an interview outfit. She looked soooo cute - she got the cutest pair of wedge heel black patents. I soooo  want a pair. The weather is going to get much cooler this week, summer is leaving.... that is sad to me. What did you do over the weekend?

1 comment:

  1. Good job, you! I'm always equally weird about bike riding, but then once I get going I remember that I love it!