Friday, October 28, 2011

Age Appropriate

Okay, this probably isn't the most fashionable of my ensembles but I felt so skinny and comfy in this outfit. I kinda look like a teenage rocker...ummmmm  does that mean I'm not dressing age appropriate? Do you believe in dressing for your age? I do to a certain degree, for instance at age 40 I don't think I'd feel cute in a mini skirt; but should I get my breast augmentation - I would be showing them off - as a warning to you - when I finally reach my weight goal, my reward to myself is breast implants and well..... you are going to have to endure seeing peeks of them :P JUST KIDDING Sorry I digress....
Age appropriate - or on the other spectrum I don't want to wear the clothes the elderly women wear - have you tried on an outfit and your friends says, "You look like an old woman," you aren't quite sure what that means but you know it doesn't sound good.  I see several women at work that I think dress fab but someone once made a remark, "she doesn't dress for her age" I was baffled by the comment - she looks trendy and she has a great figure - so I think she looks FAB. Soooo, is that phrase coined from jealousy? What are your thoughts on "dressing for your age"?

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  1. Actually I would prefer to say to choose for your characters,that's more important..I like to dress in cold colors but informal way..when my mom dresses in yummy t-shirt,I love her greater,haha :D
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