Thursday, October 13, 2011

Safety Places

See Heathen eating corn bread on his favorite rug? He is so funny taking things to his "safety rug". That makes me think about  my "safety" places are. MMMMM When I'm really upset I like to curl up in my bed and turn the tv on and vegetate. I also love to sleep at night with my blinds open - I can see the tree limbs and sky from my bed through the window and I find it comforting. My backyard swing is another "safety" place for me. Blogging has definitely become a safety for me - a way to release energy and it's downright fun. Walking on the trail also brings be alot of peace. What are some of your safety places or activities?


  1. I just realized we are both aquarius !
    Safety place..... my room. When it's silent.

  2. :) YAHHH!! That explains why I enjoy your blog and we both love nature - fellow water spirit!! :)