Friday, October 21, 2011


I have shied away from these pants for a few years while I was heavier but decided to give them a try now that I am slimming down. I felt cute all day. I got this necklace on the California vacation Mr Man took me on in 2006. My name is spelled correctly. :) Glad it is Friday though. I haven't worked out in a few day, been raining and cool so I couldn't get out and walk and finding it hard to make myself work out at home at night. I did get on the elliptical tonight and exercise it made me feel much better. I had the best time at Bible Study, one of the ladies in my group just out of the blue told me I was beautiful. I was like WOW and it really made me feel good. WOW!!! Has something happened this week that made you go, "WOW"? If not, I hope you get a fabulous WOW moment this weekend.

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  1. I thnk you have alll the right to feel cute because you DO ! those pants look fabulous !