Thursday, October 6, 2011

Coming Out of the Funk

 I am proud to say that I have gone down more in my weight and I am now officially the same weight I was about 10 years ago :) YAHHH Downside, I am going to need new pants as I am tying the ones I have now on me and don't think I can tie them any tighter. I am very happy that I am making progress but I worry that I will backslide. The exercise had been keeping the "funk" away but the last couple of days I was on the brink and felt "BLAHHHHHH" I could feel the depression creeping up on me - usually the cure for me would be to change my environment (rearrange or redecorate) or buys something new to wear (broke and in between sizes) or eat, mmmmmmmm Well I made myself go to gym and then today - all the birds were chipping in the sunshine in my mood :)  What do you do to keep the "funk" out?

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  1. Oh I know that feeling of creeping depression all too well. I usually try to do something active (a walk or jog), go to church asap (though it's the LAST thing I want, it always proves to be the thing I need), and often doing a small thing for someone else boosts my mood. Lookin' good girl! Good luck at your Bible study. Let me know how it goes! xo

    ps. I used to be terrified of church cliques, but I've found more often than not, it's the enemy getting inside my head and they are usually the most lovely, kind, and welcoming women. I hope you find that to be true as well.