Monday, October 3, 2011

Hello Fall

These are my Friday and Saturday casual outfits. I felt really cute in the black and white. The style was borrowed from my friend Kristine. Cool, uh? I walked 5.2 miles on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed it, it was cool and I was cold when I first started out but quickly got warmer. I got some really good pics of deer on the  walk that I will share with you on Wednesday Smiles. I had a peaceful weekend but suffered from writer's block on my paper. I just need to crank out 700 words but the topic is something I am unfamiliar with, unions. Wish me luck that I can muddle through. This week is my favorite time of the year - Customer Service Week at work. I LOVE it, we do some really fun things and the atmosphere is festive and we dress casual all week. Don't get me wrong I like love dressing up for work but every now and again - Customer Service week it's fun to wear jeans all week. Does your work do fun things that you enjoy and look forward to? Have a great week!!

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