Thursday, October 20, 2011

In between

I thought I was so clever matching the jacket buttons with the string
So I am in between sizes and my slacks are not fitting me right. I went to Target next to my office because a co-worker said those denim looking slacks were there. Well, they are but they are straight hip - ummm not this body. I did find some curvy hips cords that I LOVE LOVE and a pair of $10 black pants (they will need to be hemmed) Grandma? :) So Cato's is next door to Target and to my delight they have those denim looking  slacks that I am determined to own, in none other......
 than my favorite color, BROWN. SIGH....the 14 are a little snug in the hips, the 16's are too loose and both pair  are a little long - so I try the 14 petites - they fit beautifully in the hips.....but..... they are too short - GRRR so I grab the too snug in hips 14 that will need to be hemmed. Maybe next month......

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