Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shop the Blues Away

My creative friend Kristine made these cool earrings
From the below necklace that I thought was too heavy
so she took some of it out and made these
Below is how the necklace now looks - LOVE LOVE
Two guess what jewelry I'm wearing tomorrow....


I used to like this outfit, seeing it not so sure now

Blouse - gift from Paula
Capris - JcPenney

I think these are so cute - found these at a yard sale

Necklace is from Liz Claiborne outlet
 It has been raining, raining, and more rain here in Tn and I have the blues big time. I truly believe in the the retail therapy, but alas with lay offs in the household, there isn't much money for that and I'm too lazy to go out in the rain to do some thrifting. SIGH  {LIGHT BULB} Then it occurred to me that Sal says she gets some of her gorgeous finds on EBay and then on whim I googled "thrifting online". What a shock to find that you can shop Goodwill online!!!  DANGER DANGER MR ROBINSON It seems to work a lot like EBay  and they have an EBay shop. I never knew! Did you? If you are an EBay person, you probably knew this.

 I must confess I have not been an EBay shopper in the past, notice the key word is past. OMG, I found an awesome ring out of my budget but NICE!! I really like the art-deco styles. Starting to feel better already :)

Where do you shop online? My friend, Kristine, really likes etsy.com as well. Do you prefer to shop online or shop in person? I have to say that I really prefer to shop online, I think I might becoming a hermit :)

What cheers you  up when the blues are knocking on the door?


  1. I did not know Goodwill was online! That's amazing!

    I don't do much shopping online and probably won't until the Yarnell Senior Center Thrift Store goes online. But I don't see that happening.... lol

    When I do shop online, it's when I need to buy a gift for one of our far-flung family members. My website of choice is Amazon. Usually better than retail prices, no sales tax. I can order items gift wrapped and sent directly to the recipient.

    My husband, on the other hand, used to shop for us a lot on EBay and got some great deals. These days, he's more often on Craigslist. You can search locally, arrange to see the item, no bidding. He's found some great stuff there.

    Happy shopping!

  2. I am a true EBAY junkie, lately I just stopped. It was going a bit overboard.
    I have not purchased anything from Ebay since last year.
    Really like browsing through ETSY but have not made any purchases... yet.
    I have to say I like this combination but I think that the capris should be shorter. Yes shorter :)