Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Friend Fashion

Despite the yucky weather all this week, my fashionable friends did not let the wet weather dampen their fabulous styles. I am missing a few of my favorites due to them relocating to sections of the building that I don't haunt - I miss you Carrie and Mary Anne. I will need to make it a point next week to come see you :) This week though I do have a newcomer, Cynthia, :) Thank you to all the ladies: Deb, Kristine, Kimetra, and Cynthia :)
These are Deb's shoe, I love the way they look
She said they felt wonderful on
notice the toes are perfect :)
Deb's full outfit - She  looks so long and lean,
She is my inspiration to keep working out
The jewelry totally brings it all together
I missed getting her pic today - she had on this really great outfit
The hose were to die for - NEXT WEEK my little pretty :)

Kristine: The pink and black
Naughty and nice :) The pink sweater softens the black
Flowing seamless

Kristine just got this fab find
for almost a song - huge thumbs up

I soo want Kristine's shoes

Kristine's clogs - She said they were as comphy as house shoes
I read that clogs are the trend for Spring 2011

WHOOOO has the coolest jewelery?
Kristine finds the neatest things
Check out the "chubby owls" below :)
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Kimetra's shoes - notice her toenails are also perfect?
The colors of this blouse are gorgeous
adds a little color to the gloominess outside
Earrings - gift from Taylor
Necklace - Mr Man
Jacket and Tee - Weekenders (very very old 10+ years)
gouchos - Monroe and Main
Beloved wedge boots - Jessica London
Kimetra is absolutely beautiful - this the body type I want!!
her boots have everything I love
wedge heel and pointy toe and they are Guiltfree - read below to find out why :)
These boots have a story: so Kelley bought these but when she
got home, they were too tight, so she told Kimetra she couldn't take them back
because the sales girl was on commision soo excited to have made the sale, that she could not
bring herself to take them back so she gave them to Kimetra - We have dubbed them the GuiltFree Boots :)
Cynthia's outfit was a breath of fresh air!!
I LOVE the colors and shoes give this ensemble the finishing touch
Aren't those colors just the BEST!!! Thank you Cynthia!!
I am so glad that I can share with you some of the best dressed women and I will try harder on getting some of the others, there are soo many more but work keeps getting in the way :P Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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  1. LOVE !!! What great colors and fun jewelry !! Love the owls !!!! And Cynthia's Skirt !! GIRRRRRRRRLLLLLL !!!! I'm Sayin !!!!