Thursday, March 31, 2011

Time Suckers

I must apologize that I haven't been blogging as regular as I had been. I think I am riding the wave of  "the funk". I have been really tired and I must admit that taking classes online are much more work than attending in class and this has really been a huge time sucker for me. Time suckers are those things in our lives that take up all the extra breathes and minutes in our lives and try to consume us. Some other time suckers for me are exercising, work, TV, and yes if I admit it, the computer sucks alot of my time. So what is good time management? How do you find the balance so that you feel like you can breathe? I watch DIY and HGTV every chance that I get and I watch in awe how some of these women, Rehab Addict is one that comes to mind at the moment, takes on these renovation projects while juggling full time jobs, she is spending long, long hours and nights sanding floors. I wonder if she thinks of it all that work as a time sucker? I doubt it, I think she really enjoys it.

I think that is the key to managing time suckers, replacing those dead-beat activities with things you enjoy, AND changing your mind set on how you perceive such activities. I think it is a good idea to also evaluate your time suckers to see if they are vital in assisting with your goals. For instance, is sacrificing some TV time to get my school work done, that big a deal? I would whine so eloquently that YES it is.....


Stan Kasten put it the best:

"It is a time-consuming process. But if you put the time into it, which we are dedicated to doing, we will have long-term success. We're not in this for the short-term, we're in this for the long term"

This is hard to remember for me about the long-term goal thingy (it's that p word again for me=patience). Especially in this instant gratification world. Has all of the luxuries in life made me lazy? Do I tire out now because I am older? Well, you know what? It doesn't matter, because I refuse to wallow in my misery ANY minute longer, this is me pulling up my big girl panties and sucking it up. I have realized that I have overlooked the BIGGEST time sucker in my life - WALLOWING i.e.complaining and grumbling about the lost time and how tired I am and blah blah :)

Do you have some things in your life that seem to be taking up all of your time? Do you resent those activities? How do you think we can manage those things that MUST be done but are not that fun or take a little effort on  our part?
Jacket - take from one of my "skinny" suits from the past
Scarf -b-day present from Grandmother - finally found something I could put it with
Pants - Jessica London
Shoes - Shoe Dept

Long time friends Beth is in the middle - first time I've seen in her in 20 years
She came home for a visit, so good to see her
Tavie on the right she and I go wayyy back :)
Great seeing them last night
Going to make more time to see people :)

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