Thursday, March 24, 2011

One obscure thought - Really?

Have you ever worked at something really hard and the results were NOT what you expected? Have you ever put together an outfit at home and in the morning as you are getting ready to leave you think you look FAB, but then you see yourself the mirror at work and think this does NOT look as you planned? For example, my outfit this morning I layed it out last night and it was cute and comfy and I was mighty pleased with myself. Then at work it occurred to me that I should have put that orange medallion necklace with it and it would have made it POP. My outfit felt incomplete to me for the rest of the day. So I went from thinking "I'm cute" to "I'm incomplete" in one obscure thought. Did the necklace I am wearing REALLY make that big of a difference in the outfit?

My scale at home says I have lost 2 lbs this week, WW scale said .2, yep, POINT TWO, seriously?! That really tempered my mood, so I get home and step on my scale again and it still says 2 lbs. REALLY what difference does it make? I lost weight either way, my clothes are fitting loosely and I FEEL so much better now that I am eating right, excercising, and taking care of myself.

It is baffeling how the mindset can change everything in just one obscure thought and a person can do a complete 180 on their disposition or stance with a suggestion or an off hand remark. It is notable to remember this when speaking to others but easy to forget when dealing with ourselves. So the next time I'm feeling disappointed about something or an obscure though crosses my  mind, I am going to ask myself if it is REALLY as big a deal as I think?

HA! An obscure thought just hit me, the WW leader today told us that if we want to eat something to ask ourselves the 4 really's - Do I really want to eat this?  Really? Really? Really? Funny how the mind works, I must have REALLY been paying attention :)

Necklace - Mr Man
Vest - Monroe & Main
Tee - ABC Distributing
Capris - JcPenny
Shoes - yard sale
Bracelet - Michelle

This is the necklace I think would have completed the outfit
How do you handle disappointment? Do you let obscure thoughts change your mindset or mood about something? I hope you have a  REALLY great day :)

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  1. This happens all the time.
    I think I look great and then I get on the elevator and see myself in the mirror and I realize I do not look how I thought I did.
    If I have time I just go back and change if I dont, well I photograph it for the blog and suck it up and remind myself to never do it again.