Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring?! Hello........Where'd ya go?!

Broke out the sweater - felt preppy in this outfit
I love the layered look without having to layer
Sweater - JcPenny
Pants - Belk
Prada shoes :) {MY PRECIOUUSSSSSS}

Kristine looks way cool in this - love the booties

This is neatest looking owl

This is my favorite dress - she found this for a song
LOVE the colors

These are Wendy's shoes - I LOVE THEM

Wendy's outfit is well put together
She makes her own jewelry and there
are several women at work sporting them around - FAB

Here is a better look at the necklace she made
I hope to feature her on the Creativity Blog I'm working on

This scarf was soooo pretty

Pam rocks this outfit - the hat and the sweater were bought separately
I swear they look like they were made together
I really want a pair of those trouser jeans too

The hat MAKES this very cool
BRRRR it has gotten cold again here in Tennessee after the few days of near 80 degrees it is disappointing to see the 50ish highs. It is getting harder for me to get pictures of the all the fabulous women at work but I did manage to snap a few that I will share with you, but there probably won't be any more posts dedicated to it. Hopefully I can get some random shots in every now and then that I will sprinkle in for added interest :) Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. I hope you had a great weekend, too! Thanks for sharing your office style!

  2. Thank you for your kind comment :) Hugs and prayers are always welcome.
    I like that sweater on you, very pretty.
    I also like Wendy's wedges with that cool animal print and that white peacock feather scarf...