Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Season Change of Clothes

This will be a quick post as this time change is kicking my booty - zzzzzzzzzzzzz I'm awake!! In Tn we got a peek of Spring over the weekend and it's now rainy and dreary but Thursday Spring will make another guest appearance. With this kind of weather I am having to flip flop from Fall/Winter closet to my Spring/Summer closet. Which makes me wonder how other women organize their clothes for the seasons? I know that some women store clothes at the Dry Cleaners, some women box up their clothes and put them away until ready to use. In Tn we get all 4 seasons, how do women who live in constant climate store clothes? For instance, Florida, do they wear sundresses all  year long? I found an older blog from women from  Florida and California who moved to Mass asking how to dress for winter http://www.yelp.com/topic/boston-winter-clothing, I am gathering from this post that people that live in constant climates do not have a need to store their clothing. I wonder if they get tired of wearing the same stuff all the time or if they just thrift/shop all the time, that would be MY choice :) I would have loved to have known, I have always dreamed of being a California girl.

For me, getting into the closet of clothes for the upcoming season is like getting new clothes. I get sooo tired of the same old clothes all winter, I do incorporate my slacks/capris for all season though. So for those of you that do have the different seasons, how do you organize the seasonal clothes?
Blouse - Dillards
Duster - Dillard
Capris - JcPenny
Boots - Jessica London
Necklace - Mr Man
Earrings - friend Hollie

I feel so pretty in this outfit
Must be the ruffles :)
Pants are little loose - I'm in the in between size
Good news is that it appears I am losing weight :)
I  am almost afraid of the strange looks you are going to give me when I tell you how I organize my seasonal clothes. Wait, I won't be able to see it, sooooooo... I have 4 closets right now, 1 closest is for all the "skinny clothes" I have held on to (this will be dismantled next day of full energy), closet number 2 holds my pants/capris, and shells, closet number 3 holds my summer/spring clothes (those would entail short and half sleeve or thin blouses/dresses/skirts) and closet number 4 holds my fall/winter (long sleeve, sweaters, blazers, thick dresses/skirts).

Spring/Summer closet  is only entered when it is 65 degree or warmer. Sleeveless and thin are worn when 75 degrees or warmer.

Fall/Winter below 65, thinner garments are worn until 55 degrees, colder than 55 then layer or sweater/turtlenecks are worn (I must admit that this year I have done more layering with my short sleeve shirts as I seem to get "hot" periodically during the day). Yes, I know, I'm a tad bit structured but my quirkiness is my best asset :)

I would love to hear how you organize your clothes? If you live in a constant climate, do you have some division that you do?

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  1. Hi Stacey,

    Thanks for sharing your system. I did find it fascinating how you have temperature thresholds. For me, it's a little more how I'm feeling.

    I live in what you'd call a constant climate, but we do have seasons. For wardrobe purposes, I have two: winter and summer. I keep my off-season clothes in a closet in my office.

    Recently, we went abruptly from coldish to hot. Seems like it's always that way. One day, it was clear that only flip flops would do. The thought of socks made me queasy.

    In those early days, I tend to pull out a few favorites from my off-season closet and pull other items from it as I feel moved. When I have the time, I switch everything out.

    Thanks for sharing. You always get me to think about things I don't often give much thought to. It's cool.