Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Forming Bonds

Kortlynn Bea gorgeous

She said the flash was a little bright :) See the little bow on her head.....CUTE!!!
Kortlynn with her Nannie
my cellphone took better pictures of Kortlynn
User error?
Is that not the sweetest sight?
She smiles when she  hears her momma's voice :)
This my newest niece, born March 7, 2011 8 lbs 3 oz Kortlynn Bea. I cannot describe  how beautiful I think she is. She looks alot like my brother. He likes to take all the credit too :) I am not usually a baby person (other than my own) but she has stolen my heart. Both mother and child are doing well. Guess what the weather is like now AGAIN in Tn - Rain drops keep falling on my head. Geez Louise!!! Miss Kortlynn is a little piece of sunshine ;) 

Her mother, Maggie, is soo happy to have a girl after having two boys, my brother doesn't know what do with all the pink in the house now. His youngest son,  Mason, is not too thrilled to have a baby sister - he isn't the baby anymore but he will change his mind.  There are three of us, I am the oldest and the two boys. We were stair steps and  growing up we were and still are very close. Our world consisted of each other and it was us against the world. We fought with each but no one else could mess with us. We had three sisters too but they lived in a separate household so most of our memories are just the three us. So my brother and Maggie now have three living in the same household and another daughter that visits all the time, two boys and two girls, only one of the girls is the baby. My brother's oldest daughter Madison, is 8 and she will be a "little mama" :) It will interesting to watch these four grow and see the bonds that are formed. The bonds that I  have with my siblings are unspoken, these are the people that probably know me the best and they see me as I truly am, and still love me. AMAZING!! When we get together, we laugh so much that tears roll down our faces and I can't wait to watch these young siblings through the years forming their bonds, and who knows perhaps maybe even form a bond with "Iney" that is what Madison calls me :)

Us against the world :)

I know that all families are not close and there are some people who never speak to their siblings or even like them for that matter. I count myself fortunate in that way. Are you close to your siblings? Do you have bonds with your family members or are you closer to your friends?
Necklace - gift from Hollie
Eearrings - gift from Taylor
Blouse - gift from Elizabeth
pants - beloved cargo pants from Jessica London
zipper shoes - yardsale
 I think that we as women also need relationships with other women, my sibling relationships are important, but  I believe that bonds with other women are important as well. There are some things my brothers would not really be interested in discussing with me :)  Sally did a moving piece entitled "Fabulous Female Friendships" that really hit it home, you can read it by clicking on her name :) She has some substantial insight. Let  me know your thoughts on bonding and forming relationships.
Felt pretty in this outfit!! Plus in a fab mood after meeting my new niece


  1. That is one cute and HEAVY baby !
    I adore the little bow, congratulations on your new niece.
    BTW I like that color top on you...

  2. It's so nice to meet another person that loves hot dogs! It's a bad habit, really, and my husband is slowly learning to accept this habit of mine. haha