Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Friend Fashion

 Happy Friday :) This week I have managed to get another fantastic set of outfits on the Women and Man of Inspiration, yes, I have a man this week :)  I am so lucky to be surrounded by such stylish people. I am very pleased to share with you: Kelley, Mary, Kristine, Jamie, Deb, Mary Anne, Kimetra, and Carrie. Thank you for letting me interupt your day to take your pictures. A-W-E-S-O-M-E :)

This is Kelley's version of "Plain Jane"
My version of totally FAB
She is gorgeous!!
I think the colors are great together
These are Kelley's shoes - LOVE LOVE

Mary wouldn't let me shoot her face :(
The jacket is awesome
She is an awesome cook and skinny minny

The pic doesn't do Kristine's sparkling earrings justice, I love the leaf

Jamie's looking debonair in this blue and vest
Can't tell from pic but really brings out his eyes
Isn't handsome?

Deb is always put together, polished from head to toenail
This is a one piece dress that she said she paid hardly nothing for
Looks expensive and classy
Giving her a long, lean look

Deb's accessories are tastifully plentiful -
She has tremendous style

See, Deb has it going on - even her nails are perfect:)
True inspiration

Deb's earring - these are really neat looking

Mary Anne is looking sophisticated in this ensemble. I love the ruffle blouse
For some reason it reminds me of flowers (it's a good thing)
Those hose are sexy below

The hose and shoes are sooo cool
She said the hose came from Marshall's

The ruffles on the blouse and the necklace gives this such a great contrast (feminine/chic)
She said the necklace was a steal

necklace - airport in Toledo, OH
blouse - Monroe & Main - LOVE the bright colors
Pants - Jessica London
Zipper shoes - yard sale
Not the prettiest expression on my face HAHA

It was a gorgeous day!!!

Kristine is looking gorgeous as always
I hate that I cut off her boots - really tied it all together

I love the ruffle blouse

Isn't  that the baddest owl? LOVE LOVE

Here is the spoon ring she got last year

Kimetra ALWAYS looks stylish
She is the kind of woman that can take anything
and make it look a million bucks
The green is a great splash of color

Kimetra's shoes - she is another one  that flows through on 10" heels
True Trendsetter

Cutie Carrie - with jacket

Without jacket - CUTE CUTE
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! This week I have been inspired to try different color combos, still need to work on my shoe and accessory collection, would like to try to polish  my look more like my inspirations captured here today.

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