Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Change - Embrace or Fear?

I love this scarf with the shoes and handbags on it
Man, I need a hair cut - OOPS

Scarf - grandma
Blouse - Dillards
Tee - ABC Distributing
Pants - Worthington JcPenny
Shoes - Shoe Dept

This outfit felt better on than these pics show
Maybe next time I will try with brown slacks
 So the scale has finally started to move again and you would think I would be happy but I have been soooo grouchy for the past couple of weeks. I thought it might be all the rain but maybe it's the refocus on the lack of food that I truly and deeply love. I think I am much happier when I'm eating what I want but I am going to forge foward and hopefully this phase will pass quickly. Some sunshine might help as well.  I am doing the Weight Watchers program and I know this weight change is necessary. Or maybe I'm grumpy because I am making changes.

Exericise is another necessary change. I am still sore from my work out Saturday night, walking very very stiffly, no comment needed Kristine :) Exercise is NOT my favorite thing to do. I hate the slices of time it requires and who made up that stupid saying, "No pain, no gain"?  I really hate that I don't have any "couch potato" time!!! GRRRR Changes..........

Other changes I must make are regarding my finances. I am striving to be credit card debt free and purchase items with cash only. This change hasn't been too horrible. Thrifting helps with that  and the knowledge that eventually my paycheck might actually belong to me :)

 Another bonus to some of  the implemented changes, I was thinking the other day that if I reach my goal by July as I have planned, I will need new pants, I absolutely love my cargo slacks from Jessica London - hope I can find some I love just as much in a smaller size. Man, that would feel soo good. OR I could start getting those cute little skirts and dresses that my favorite bloggers wear!!! THAT would be awesome too.

Change is something that I don't like very much, even necessary change. The fear of things being different than the way you know them...... I can't stand it. Sometimes I might even continue with something that doesn't really please me because I am either too lazy or fear the change. Other women embrace change and even NEED change or they bore easily. Don't get me wrong, there are some changes that I need and I too bore very easily. I have to change my surroundings or I will get into a funk, I usually  make those changes around the house during the season changes, for instance, I have different dish settings, comforters, rugs, and shower curtain ensembles for the different seasons.
I once met a fascinating woman, who said that she has changed her course of life several times by changing careers and pursuing different interests. How scary is that? Leave my job or leave my hometown to pursue something unknown? {eyes wide open} How do you feel about change? Do any of you ever make necessary changes and does it change your mood?  What are those changes and how did they affect you? How did you cope with it? Did you whine and grumble and go kicking and screaming like me?

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  1. THIS color combo is gorgeous !
    I really, really like it - AND your scarf is perfect.
    My only suggestion would be tighter fitting pants.
    I have an outfit planned for next week (yes I planned outfits last night) that is very similar to yours :)