Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gray hair - embrace or cover?

Sweater - Marshalls
Shirt - Nautica
Caprs- JcPenny
Shoes - yard sale
Necklace - daughter
Earrings - Employer at my 10 year mark

Should have pulled my shirt down - I felt cute in this outfit
So now that I am 40 I am starting to notice the signs of aging, which is horrifying to me. Who would have ever thought that I would this "old" but I feel the same as I did when I was thirty except for the horrifying signs. I have these "off blonde" hairs around my face and roots - lines around my eyes when I smile and even some lines around my mouth ( I think left over from years of being a previous smoker). My dearest friend, Kristine, who has the best skin ever told me that for the wrinkles, I need to start using product on my face. I am  almost embarassed to say that I use nothing on my face but soap and I am a tanner. I did have some Aveda eye cream but I ran out and I haven't replaced it. I am pretty lazy when it comes to primping.I don't spend alot of time on my hair or make-up. I am ready to go in 45 minutes tops (including shower/shave). I also do not want to spend a small fortune on beauty products.  But I digress, this blog is about gray hair, wrinkles for another day, I need to do some research on that topic :)

Okay, I am focused now.....I do spend quite a bit of money on coloring my hair. A gorgeous woman at work let her hair go natural and it looks beautiful on her. I wonder what mine would look like if I let it go <biting finger nails> I duuunnnnnoooooo. If it was that really pretty whitish color I would feel HOT!! There was a neat website I found So many fears for me, I wonder would Mr Man look at me and think I look old, would  he still think I'm pretty? Would I look in the mirror and think,"Who's the old chic?" I have never heard, "She looks distinguished with her salt n pepper." I must admit though that some of the women on the website actually look younger with their natural color, wonder if my natural hair would compliment my coloring?.........

I am going to talk to my stylist about it, maybe she can give me some advice, I do recall her saying that I probably wouldn't look that bad with gray. It would save me some money, if I dare.
Are any of you struggling with gray hair? If so, what are your thoughts about graying? If you aren't gray now, do you think you'll let it go or continue to color?

Coming in around my face

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  1. I have been dying my hair with henna for about 5 years now.
    I have tons of grey hair, damn them, I hate them.
    Before I use to pluck them out - then I realized I would go bald if i kept up with it.
    For your face, just begin by getting some moisturizer... make it a habit :)
    I shift between moisturizers, but OLAY is pretty good and not expensive.