Wednesday, March 16, 2011

None of Your Business

Cynthia - Isn't she beautiful?
I hijacked this pic from FaceBook
With Permission for my Skin Care piece
 My friend, Cynthia and I had lunch together last Friday. She is quite an inspiration, a self-made successful young women. I will be featuring her in a blog that I am working on regarding skin care, that should be ready to post tomorrow. I am still doing research as you know I am uneducated in that department :) So anywhooo, Cynthia and I were discussing how amazed I was at how she took control of her life and she is doing it, and she said something to me that  I found profound and she reminded me of this saying in her comment yesterday,  so I HAD to blog about it. She said, "People's opinion of you are none of your business". What?! How can a people pleaser like myself function without knowing I'm pleasing? Ahhhh, grasshopper, that is all part of growing and becoming comfortable in your own skin.

Think about it, do you admire a woman who is not confident? I can't think of one unsure woman that I say to myself I must be like her, I need to remember that "they" are better at this than me, blah blah blah. NOOOOOOO We are drawn to women  that  are strong and exude confidence because they are successful and I'm not talking about just financially, success to me is happiness and feeling complete. You can spot this in the way a woman carries herself when she walking and the way she talks.

As I am I listening to my confident, strong friend I must admit the committee in my head was saying, "Gosh, I could NEVER venture out like she did and accomplish what she has done." But then as I'm writing this I realize, the only limitations I have are the ones I create. This is true for all women!! Do you ever wonder why one bad comment can ruin 10 good compliments? Well, that is because we are nosing into something we have no business nosing in. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and we all won't see things exactly the same. Take the bad with the good and leave it at that.

I sometimes analyze a bad situation or comment to see if maybe there is some truth and some modification should be done on my behalf. I only do this because sometimes I don't always think before I speak and chosen words sometimes have the unintended impact; however, I am happy with who I am and what I stand for. Not to say that the committee in my head doesn't make me stumble at times but it has helped to surround myself with positive people. Progress not Perfection. I think it is true that it is none of my business, and we must all try to remember that it's none of our business what people think of us and it should not concern us. We need to be able to live with ourselves and find the happiness that makes us feel content, that is what I believe is the key to becoming/remaining a confident and happy individual.

 I think I am discovering more happiness daily by removing the negative from life and pursuing different interests that allowed me to grow and discover things that I had no idea about myself.  Another way is to give back. Let me know your thoughts. Have you found that happiness/contentedness? How did you find out?
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Windy day :)


  1. Happiness to me is a never ending quest....
    I read something yesterday that seems appropriate ... in the
    "Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose" STEVE JOBS

    I recommend you check this Quote Blog:

  2. Hi Stacey,

    I think your friend is a very good friend, and wise. I was touched by the comment you left on my blog. I will keep you in my prayers. Hugs.

  3. I so struggle with this truth.. I have a co-worker that really dislikes me and I am regularly tempted to go and offer her time to tell me how much she doesn't like me.. "Is there something we need to talk about?" or "It seems like you are displeased with me, is there something you'd like to share?" When the truth is, if she wants to share, she needs to be grown up enough to come to me and open the conversation. That is not my job.
    AND I need to be grown up enough to know that there are likely more than a million people out there that don't, or wouldn't, like SOMEthing about me. We each really only have ONE audience to please.. for ME, that is God, (for you, it may be yourself, or a different spiritual guide that you revere).. No matter what my day holds, I can hold my head high if:
    I have been the best person I know how to be, (and I may know a better way tomorrow.. but I am only responsible for what I know today).
    I have shared the most love I was able to share, (and that may not be a whole lot today.. but I am only responsible to give away what morsels I posses).
    and I have made amends wherever I fell short, as soon as I realized that I fell short. (which may not be for days or weeks or months.. but I can only say I'm sorry when I realize that I have something to be sorry for).
    It is hard work to be at peace... GRIN...

    I do LOVE your pictures today Miss Stacey.. you look so so beautiful.