Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Easter Outfit Hunt

Still looking for an Easter outfit. I keep perusing the websites looking for that one outfit that jumps out and says "MEEEEEEE". Still in the "funk" even though the sun shone beautifully today and even had some people at work tell me I looked like I have lost some weight. Which, btw, I must tell you that the mirror and these pics of myself on the blog, do not agree. Seeing these pics are making me see myself in a way that I'm not too happy with. One of my barriers to losing weight is eating out, which Mr Man took me tonight to Chinese. We have this ritual that when one of us needs an oil change, we have the other pick us up at Walmart, then we go eat Chinese in the same shopping center while we wait. I  showed some self control and tried to eat well, keeping my Weight Watcher points in mind. 
Sushi - YUM
We got done with dinner before his truck was ready so I had to entertain him while we waited. Doesn't he look thrilled? HAHA
Mr Man, isn't he just the cutest
He does have the prettiest blues
 Was going to come home and do 30 Day Shred workout, but decided it was so late I would work on my blog instead.....tomorrow I will work out......
Told you I'd be wearing this today
Kristine's magic made me love this once  hated necklace

The medallion looked really good with this ensemble
this is the first outfit I put around the accessory

 Heathen can always make me smile no matter what is going on around!!

The perfect end to a not so great day
Heathen giving me some love

Outfit was built around the necklace
I think I like this one

Necklace and earrings - Kristine magic
Blouse - Chadwicks
Tank Top - Catos
Pants - Belks

Love this tank top with this
First time I have ever put these two together
Me likes :)
So far my I have found the following that I liked for possible Easter outfits but  none of these I MUST have:
Jones Wear® Jacket(self tie belt)/PantNicole® by Nicole Miller Open Shoulder Dress3/4 Sleeve Dress w/ Necklace Beading
 JcPenny (not sure it really looks like Easter but I like)
3pc. Poplin Pantset

Monroe & Main
Lido Beach Dress
This would have been it
But out of my size
Garden Party DressPrint Linen Dress

Jessica London all above - these last three I really like. Which ones do you like? Have you seen one you MUST have?

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