Monday, March 7, 2011

Do Nothing Weekend

I must confess my car never left the driveway all weekend. I did school work, did Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred workout, did "some" house cleaning. The weather has not been great for my mood - rainy and gloomy ALL weekend. Guess what we get as I go back to work? SUNSHINE tsk tsk
So the fridge and cupboards are a little bare so I went to my old stand by website of and did a search for recipes with ground beef. Well.... I really wanted to make Swedish meatballs and had all the ingredients except for one thing, Beef Broth, GRRRRR  I decided on a Spaghetti Pizza Pie pictured below. Well, it was OKAY, it did the job of filling my tummy and it was only 11 points so I ate some garlic toast with it. This  recipe will only be used again in desperate times or lack of time moments.

Sunday I could hardly walk due to the night before workout but I did get alot of my homework completed. The highlight for that day was my daughter and her fiance came by to visit and brought me some pictures :) She is sooo grown up now, I am truly proud of the woman she is shaping herself to be, did I mention she is also a "mini me" :)

Her fiance told me that while he really wants to go in the Air Force, he is going to apply for the local police department so that my daughter would not have to leave me :) but if that doesn't work out he will move forward with his plans for the Air Force. I support either decision as long as my daughter makes sure to have her OWN identity and not link her identity to his. I want her to have her own interests and her own career. Am I the only mother that fears her daughter will be in "his shadow"?

I can't wait to wear the outfit I have planned for tomorrow, I have been so inspired by Sally that I am doing another scarf  tomorrow and Wednesday, I can't wait to see how it turns out and get your feedback on them :)  How was your weekend? Did you do or make anything exciting?

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