Tuesday, March 5, 2013


This was a surprising match. I was going through my summer stuff closet looking for a white blouse to go under this red jacket for Valentine's Day. This blouse was hanging first in line and then it hit me...hey, I think that would look good together.  I was pleased with how well it looked and felt together. This pleated skirt that I purchased at Target is really making alot of appearances lately. I really like the pleats. Tonight is my last night of class and I took the day off from work to make sure I got my assignment finished, plus, I was just plain worn out with the family crisis on Sunday that I barely made it through Monday. I can't believe it - I'm finally finished. I did get a response from one of the online schools I applied to teach, asking for my resume. So I will be updating my resume and knocking off the cobwebs. I haven't had to do a resume in 15 years - speaking of 15 years, this month marks the 15th year for me and Mr Man. Hard to believe that much time has passed, I was 27 when I met him, my son Randall was 11 and my daughter Shelley was 4 years old. WOW! Seems unreal when I break it down that way.....

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